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Limbaugh’s Series of Unfortunate ‘Events’

November 30, 2012

The Liberal Mob recently reported that radio host, Rush Limbaugh, predicted the political landscape will eventually change (in the GOP’s favor) through “events”, since no other political strategy has worked (read: Epic Fail). Those ‘events’ have already started, but maybe not in the way Limbaugh had hoped.

President Obama is now actively shaping those ‘events’ by calling on the public to engage Congress via Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Media. And it’s working.

Reps. Tom Cole of Oklahoma and Tim Scott of South Carolina are two of a growing tide in the House that are now willing to break the GOP armlock and strike a deal with Democrats to help the middle class. Both agree that the Obama tax plan would now pass if brought to a vote in the House.

Many Republicans don’t want to have the optics of being on the wrong side of the Fiscal Cliff talks, and recent polls show public opinion increasingly turning against Republicans. We can safely expect a wave of Republicans will soon break from the Party to strike a deal and (maybe) save their political life.

Limbaugh also lamented that Obama might get credit for whatever events take place. Yes. He probably will.

Sometimes being right can turn around and slap you silly.


Grover Norquist’s Pink Unicorn

November 29, 2012

So how does Grover Norquist go after Republicans that dare to renege on his sacred Taxpayer Protection Pledge? Call them names, and go after their wives, of course!

After Lindsay Graham jumped ship, Norquist scoffed at him for chasing “pink unicorns that don’t exist” Hmm… As opposed to the white unicorns that do exist, right?

After Rep. Peter King bailed on the Pledge Norquist suggested King’s wife should be worried he’ll bail on her, too. Classy. Keep rounding up the women for your party, Grover.

And while Norquist has recently said Republicans shouldn’t “have their fingerprints on the murder weapon” of a tax hike, let’s not forget that he famously said this:

My goal is to cut government in half in twenty-five years, to get it down to the size where we can drown it in the bathtub.

Whose fingerprints are all over the crime scene, I wonder?

GOP Misplaces Binders Full of Women in House Committee Chair Selection

November 29, 2012

GOP all-white house committee chair

So how does the Republican Party kick off it’s rebranding campaign to attract a more diverse electorate? By selecting an all-white, male, House Committee Chairmanship, of course!

As reported in The Huffington Post:

There isn’t a single woman or minority included in the mix of 19 House committee chairs announced Tuesday — a stark reality for a party desperate to appeal to women and minorities after both groups overwhelmingly rejected Republicans just weeks ago in the presidential election.

Sheesh. Teh brain so stupid, it hurts.

Mitt Romney must have run off with all those binders full of women. Maybe he strapped them to the top of his limo and forgot them there.

Lindsey Graham joins list of Republican Pledge Breakers

November 26, 2012

Just days after Georgia Senator, Saxby Chambliss broke his pledge, Benghazi conspiracy theorist, Sen. Lindsey Graham has now joined the growing list of Norquist anti-tax pledge turncoats.

Making his case for walking away from the sacred Tea Party (and recent lifeblood of the GOP) pledge Graham said he is “ready to put revenue on the table.”

On Sunday, another pledge-breaker, Rep. Peter King, R-New York, told NBC that

a pledge you signed 20 years ago, 18 years ago, is for that Congress… For instance, if I were in Congress in 1941, I would have signed the declaration of war against Japan. I’m not going to attack Japan today. The world has changed. The economic situation is different.

Basically, Norquist, his anti-tax pledge he forced scores of Republicans to sign, and the Tea Party, are all now irrelevant.

Let the Norquist Pledge-busting begin

November 23, 2012

As The Liberal Mob has previously predicted, Republican senators that have foolishly signed Norquist’s anti-tax pledge are now starting to jump ship. Not signing the pledge was once considered political suicide, but now staying on is increasingly becoming the losing position.

Today, CNN reports that Georgia Sen. Saxby Chambliss is the latest defector, saying this:

“I care more about my country than I do about a 20-year-old pledge. If we do it his [Norquist’s] way, then we’ll continue in debt and I just have a disagreement with him about that.”

Asked if he is worried about a backlash from Norquist, Chambliss said this:

“I don’t worry about that because I care too much about my country. I care a lot more about it than I do Grover Norquist.”

About time. About time.

Read the CNN article here.

Top 10 Losers in 2012 Election

November 21, 2012

Here is the Liberal Mob’s Top 10 List of Losers from the 2012 Election in November:

10. Mitt Romney. Mitt barely made our list because his loss seemed so inevitable. The GOP never really embraced him, and his disdain for the 47% really put him against a wall. But, because he spent so much money and time in his political career trying to reach his dream of becoming the POTUS, he earned the last spot on the list.

9. Super PACs: The Citizen’s United Supreme Court ruling granting unprecedented corporate spending on campaigns was supposed to be a gift for the GOP. And, in fact, about 1.3 billion dollars was spent by super Pacs in the 2012 election. Two thirds of that were spent towards electing Republicans. Let’s just say the outcome did not satisfy the investors.

8. Rush Limbaugh. The unofficial leader of the Republican party lead the charge of “I want Obama to fail” the moment Obama won his first term. He was the architect of the ‘Party of NO’. He invested all of his lip service to making Obama fail and it didn’t happen.

7. The Party of NO (The GOP). Fools for following the lead of their master, Rush Limbaugh, the Party of NO earned for themselves an EPIC FAIL. Not only did this strategy fail to bring them top prize or even smaller ones in the election, they have accomplished an unprecedented unpopularity in the electorate. Now they have a large mountain to climb to rebrand themselves as the Party of Yes! (Good luck).

6. Grover Norquist. Crafting idiotic pledges and forcing Republican candidates to sign them (or else!) has not only helped lose elections for Republicans, those still seated will have to eat crow when they break their Pledge contracts to break Republican-killing gridlock. It’s inevitable. Stupid is as stupid does.

5. FOX news. With perpetual, rolling anti-Obama tickers running across their slanted doomsday reporting and political panels, FOX was stunned, STUNNED, when election results came in. In a network already banned in Canada for its unbalanced reporting, FOX is sure to lose even more credibility at home in the US.

4. The Tea Party. Before the Koch brothers took over the party it had a real grass-roots element (like it or not). But forcing the entire Republican party to the extreme right completely snuffed the GOP. Now there will be a civil war in the Republican party and the Tea Party will be left out to dry.

3. White Men. With Mitt Romney losing every demographic except for white men, the GOP is in serious trouble and has to change. That means shifting away from the white male optics of the brand to a more diverse-friendly image (Noooooo!). In order to appeal to a more diverse demographic the GOP will HAVE to also adjust it’s white male mentality (think women’s rights and immigration). And they now know it’s not enough to simply bring out binders of women to show they like ’em.

2. Donald Trump. The Donald is actually on the top of our list, but because he is such a loser we had to put him in the second spot. Trump lost absolutely every single self-promoting stunt he attempted during the primary and general election cycles, including his attempt to buy Obama’s birth certificate for 5 million dollars (to charity), a failed attempt at moderating a Republican debate (only Newt showed up), his “big deal” endorsement of Newt (epic fail), and a cancelled “big deal” spot at the GOP convention (replaced with an empty chair). The only thing Trump won at was losing, and he did it in his signature gold-plated tackiness.

1. Karl Rove. The hyped ‘architect’ of the President G.W. Bush era flamed out on FOX for all to see as the 2012 Ohio results came in. It was some of the most entertaining FOX tv EVER! Watching Rove defiantly hold onto Ohio until the bleeding end while his surrounding FOX peeps deserted him was a defining moment. Karl Rove disintegrated like the wicked witch from the Wizard of Oz. He might have been the very last person on the planet to believe in a Mitt Romney victory.

There are many others that could have made the list, but there you have it. The top ten losers of the 2012 election.

Rush questions beating an elephant when it’s down

November 20, 2012

I had to chuckle when Rush Limbaugh said this on his radio show yesterday:

When [the Democrats] lose, they never say, “Man, you better become anti-abortion. You know what, we better oppose gay marriage.” We [the Republicans] do. We start beating ourselves up.

As you should, Rush.

First of all, the whole idea behind the Democratic party is to be progressive. That means moving forward, Rush. It means evolving with the times. It actually means constantly reflecting, questioning things and adjusting with how the world, and society, changes. Republicans don’t want to change ANYTHING, so when the world leaves you behind it’s natural for you to have that feeling of rejection. It’s ok.

When your Republican party loses every demographic except for older white men, it doesn’t require any analysis to conclude that a reset button needs to be hit. Those issues you mentioned, Rush, gay marriage and abortion? Let me fill you in on a secret: lots of Democrats oppose them, too. But guess what? The majority is trending in the opposite direction. Democrats don’t have to rethink their party position on those issues because they are winning them, and it’s what the majority increasingly wants.

If your point is that the GOP should remain steadfast in past positions that aren’t popular any more, that’s a noble cause, but don’t expect perpetual losers to keep that stiff upper lip too long.

I’m actually one that embraces a contrast of ideas. I like the idea of a two-party system. But there ARE winners and losers in elections, and the outcome should be cause for reflection, no matter what side you are on. Adjusting is a good thing.

I know, Rush, your ideas and demographic are increasingly making you a minority, and it’s hard. Hold on to it as long as you can, but don’t expect your flock to stay with you.