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Limbaugh: Shootings due to White Boys ‘Chickified’ by Affirmative Action

December 17, 2012

In today’s radio talk show rant addressing the Sandy Hook massacre, Rush Limbaugh accused liberals of turning to gun control as their latest “shiny object” to distract from “their own failed policies”.

Limbaugh emphasized that in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre, where a gunman shot and killed twenty young children and six adults, “guns are not the problem”. Instead, Limbaugh said, we need to look at how “white boys” are being ‘chickified’ by liberals and excluded from sports and schools to make room for girls. This, he said, is the root cause of the violence we are seeing. If boys were just allowed to be boys all would be ok.

I’m not making this up. I’ll offer direct quotes and/or a link to the transcript when it becomes available.

CORRECTION: Updated 12/17/12 10:10 EST

The transcript (in part) to the above is now available online under Rush’s title, “An Interesting E-Mail on Young, White Males” (I won’t link to his site), and the comments were from an email sent to Limbaugh. The transcript includes only the contents of the email, and not Rush’s commentary. In any event, Limbaugh felt it important enough to read it on the air. Here it is, in part (bold added here):

What do all of the public shootings in the last years have in common?  They were all done by young white males who were from upper middle-class families.  The problem is not guns.  That’s the easy shiny thing that the liberals flash in front of us so that we don’t look at their failed political agenda. 

The problem in America today is how we have treated white boys for the last decades, and it all has at its root the unrelenting liberal political agenda.  Boys have been pushed out of two of the most important activities:  school and sports.  In an all-out effort to convince girls they can do anything a boy can, schools have ignored the natural needs and learning traits of boys and forced them to learn like girls.  Fewer boys are going to college, in part because they’re being pushed out by a feminist agenda in education.  We have rushed to dilute the energetic aggressive aspects of the male species by drugging them as children and chickifying them at every turn. 

Rush Limbaugh concludes his edited transcript with, “Interesting, don’t you think?”

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