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Limbaugh’s Series of Unfortunate ‘Events’

November 30, 2012

The Liberal Mob recently reported that radio host, Rush Limbaugh, predicted the political landscape will eventually change (in the GOP’s favor) through “events”, since no other political strategy has worked (read: Epic Fail). Those ‘events’ have already started, but maybe not in the way Limbaugh had hoped.

President Obama is now actively shaping those ‘events’ by calling on the public to engage Congress via Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Media. And it’s working.

Reps. Tom Cole of Oklahoma and Tim Scott of South Carolina are two of a growing tide in the House that are now willing to break the GOP armlock and strike a deal with Democrats to help the middle class. Both agree that the Obama tax plan would now pass if brought to a vote in the House.

Many Republicans don’t want to have the optics of being on the wrong side of the Fiscal Cliff talks, and recent polls show public opinion increasingly turning against Republicans. We can safely expect a wave of Republicans will soon break from the Party to strike a deal and (maybe) save their political life.

Limbaugh also lamented that Obama might get credit for whatever events take place. Yes. He probably will.

Sometimes being right can turn around and slap you silly.


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